Social media is the most important form of advertising you can utilise today. In this digital world your business needs to be in all of the places people are. And the people are in Facebook, in Instagram, in Twitter, in LinkedIn, on YouTube and a multitude of others. People aren’t looking at billboards or magazines or television, not like they used to. They’re too busy looking at their phones and tablets. They’re watching clips, talking to friends, reading articles, laughing at memes and seeing the world, all without ever leaving their device. Social media is an ongoing conversation between you and potential clients. It’s also a relationship with pre-existing clients, a friendship. Checking in daily, ‘Hi, did you know this?’ In the same way a friend would. Except this is a friend who leads them towards being receptive to your business. There is no hard sell in social media, there is only steering the ship. And the ship is headed toward your success.

About me:
Advertising creative/art director/company director turned photojournalist/copywriter. Self professed “social media hater” until I realised how much it returns for such a small investment. It is literally the best way to get “bang for your buck” in advertising. I (reluctantly) offer advice and social media management. If you feel you have a great business, get in touch and let’s have a chat about how social media can impact on your success.


Hey Kina,

I have to say I’m impressed with the changes we are seeing on our social media pages.

We can attribute 7 sales directly to links from FaceBook since February; this is a fantastic result.
All the metrics (page visits, weekly total reach, people engaged and such) are trending upwards with page visits up 76% since February and people engaged up a whopping 386%.
Our site traffic has grown around 14% over this time, with 3% direct referral from FaceBook recorded and anecdotal evidence some of the balance flows from people made aware of us through FB.

These figures simply show we get a return on our investment, when in reality the community spirit being created around FaceBook, and Instagram, is where the real benefits are for us.
People are talking about us. Simple.

Thanks for your help, Kina. It’s going to be a good year.’

Bruce Lindsay, General Manager, NoCowboys.